Healthy Lifestyle Poetry
Activity Healthy Lifestyle Poetry
Curriculum Area English
NC Objectives English: En1 1e), 8a) En2 1), 2), 5a) & 5e), 6) & 8c) En3 1a), 1b), 2b), 2d), 3), 4) & 5b)

Main learning objective

To read a range of poetry and write poetry in the same style.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 15 minutes
  • Carry out shared reading of some examples of poems that have been written about healthy lifestyles, including healthy eating and exercise.
  • Use ‘Healthy lifestyle poems – Supporting Material' if required. Could they be raps or sung?
  • Model writing the beginning to a healthy poem or use one of the examples from the Supporting Material. Allow the class to provide ideas after the start and then compare the class poem to the original it was based on. Try to write within a cricket theme if possible or use the example on the worksheet from the main part of the lesson.


Main Activity 35 Minutes
  • The pupils work individually or in groups to write their own healthy lifestyle poetry with a cricket related theme if the pupils can think of enough ideas.
  • Use the ‘Writing healthy lifestyle poems - Activity' worksheet to write the poems.


Plenary 10 Minutes

Move around the class and allow the pupils to read their poems aloud.

Interactive Resources

The following resource is available as an interactive activity within this module. Click on the link below to access it from the Activity section. Alternatively you can download this activity in non-interactive document form from the Downloads section.