Designing a Healthy Mascot for Cricket
Activity Designing a Healthy Mascot for Cricket
Curriculum Area DT & CPSHE
NC Objectives DT: 1a), 1b), 1d), 2a, 2d, 2e), 2f) & 3a) CPSHE: 3a).

Main learning objective

To understand the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables every day and to design a mascot for cricket to encourage healthy eating.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 10 minutes
  • Discuss the importance of eating five fruit or vegetables a day and as class discuss ideas for a slogan to promote eating five a day. Then think of a cricket theme incorporated in to the slogan. Provide the example ‘Why stop at five a day when you can hit for six?!” and discuss how this could specifically relate to cricket.
  • Use ‘A – Z of fruits and vegetables’ in the Supporting Material section for ideas of fruits and vegetables for a possible mascot.
  • Explain to the class that they must design a healthy eating cricket mascot to represent a cricket team.


Main Activity 40 Minutes
  • Provide the pupils with the ‘Designing a healthy cricket mascot’ Activity worksheet and they can look at the example of the 2003 South Africa cricket mascot to show the country and the sport. In the same way they must show the healthy eating theme and the sport.
  • Also show them the Dole kids website to look at fruit and vegetable mascots.
  • Once finished decide on the name of the mascot.


Plenary 10 Minutes
  • Move around the class and allow the pupils to share their mascots with the rest of the class and briefly explain what they have designed.
  • If time is available look at www.dole5aday.com and look at the vegetable and fruit characters.