Cricket Skills Circuit Activities
Activity Cricket Skills Circuit Activities
Curriculum Area Maths & P.E
NC Objectives Maths: Ma3 4a), 4b) Ma4 1f), 2b), 2c) & 2f) P.E: 4a), 4b), 4c), 4d), 10a), 10b) & 10c)

Main learning objective

To understand the effects and benefits of exercise on our bodies and to move bodies in a controlled and coordinated way.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 5 minutes
  • Discuss the benefits of exercise and reasons for warming up before exercise.


Main Activity 30 Minutes
  • Get the class to carry out specific cricket skills circuit activities, lasting for two minutes at a time, and they must count how many of each activity they complete, eg, Underarm catches against a wall 2/3 metres away.
  • Use the ‘Cricket skills circuit activities - Activity' worksheet to record data and find out the activities to follow.
  • Split the class in to groups so that the groups can be compared at the end.


Plenary 25 Minutes
  • The teacher can collate the information and then provide the information to the class to draw a graph from, eg, A bar graph to show how many underarm bowls hitting the stumps were completed by each group or individuals within a group, in one minute. If there is no time to collate the data, just compare individuals from the worksheet from within each group