Creating a Cricket Fruit Salad
Activity Creating a Cricket Fruit Salad
Curriculum Area English & DT & CPSHE
NC Objectives DT: 1a), 1b), 1d), 2f) English: En1 1a), 1e), 2b), 2e), 3a), 8a), 9a) 7 9c) En2 1), 2), 5a), 5b) & 5e) En3 1a), 2b), 2c), 2d), 3), 4), 5a) & 7a) CPSHE: 3a)

Main learning objective

To understand the structure and vocabulary when writing a set of instructions and understand the associated vocabulary and also to make your own fruit salad.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 20 minutes
  • Carry out shared reading of ‘A cricket fruit salad - Activity' and fill in the missing words explaining that the words are ‘Imperative verbs' (bossy verbs) and ‘Adverbs', which are essential to instruction writing.
  • Then discuss the importance of fruit in the diet and think about ways of eating the fruit in different ways, eg, Apple pie, Black forest gateaux, and eventually lead them to a fruit smoothie and discuss how this is becoming a popular health drink.
  • Also discuss composite food where several, if not all of the essentials to a balanced diet are included.


Main Activity 30 Minutes
  • Provide the class with the cricket fruit salad ingredients and actually make the cricket fruit salad following the instructions read at the beginning of the lesson.
  • Alternatively, the class write their own instructions after the example read. This could be extended to create a cricket fruit smoothie - This could also be made.
  • Follow all health and safety regulations for food preparation, storage and hygiene.


Plenary 10 Minutes
  • Once the cricket fruit salads have been made, store them in the fridge as individual bowls or add them in to one large bowl. Either eat them when ready, using the instructions as guidance, or eat them during the afternoon practical session during a break.