The Team Contract
Activity The Team Contract
Curriculum Area English & CPSHE
NC Objectives English: En1 1e), 2b), 8a), 9a), En2 1), 9), En3 1b), 2d), 2e), 3), 4), 5), 9b) & 11) CPSHE: 2b), 4a)

Main learning objective

To understand the consequences of their actions through the focus of cricket and to put the spirit of cricket in to practice.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 10 minutes
  • Discuss the ‘Spirit of Cricket' and any previous work that has taken place on the topic.
  • Discuss the activities that will take place in the afternoon and discuss the rules and etiquette of cricket that will need to be followed, eg clapping batsmen in, clapping good play, umpire's decision being final, etc.
  • Use the ‘Examples of cricket etiquette & The preamble to the laws' Supporting Material for information.


Main Activity 30 Minutes
  • Discuss/show some examples from the real game and then write a class/team contract to follow for the afternoon. Use the ‘Team contract' sheet Activity 1'.
  • If completed in small groups or individually, pull all ideas together to form the final team contract.


Plenary 20 Minutes