Cricket Etiquette
Activity Cricket Etiquette
Curriculum Area English & CPSHE
NC Objectives English: En1 1e), 2b), 8a), 9a), En2 1), 9), En3 1b), 2d), 2e), 3), 4), 5), 9b) & 11) CPSHE: 2b), 4a)

Main learning objective

To understand the need to follow etiquette and how this acts in the same way as rules and laws and to think about the consequences of their actions.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 15 minutes
  • Discuss examples of cricket etiquette that contribute to the spirit of the game and think of the alternative to this which applies to the classroom and school, eg, handing cap to the umpire and saying ‘thank you' = asking teacher to look after glasses during a P.E lesson and saying ‘thank you'.
  • Use the Support Material information sheet if required.


Main Activity 25 Minutes
  • The pupils work in pairs to translate the cricket etiquette ideas in to classroom and school etiquette ideas using the Activity worksheet.
Plenary 20 Minutes
  • Discuss the way in which the etiquette of cricket has been translated in to school and classroom practice.
  • Read through the Supporting Material information sheet as a class and identify the points that everyone can work on during P.E lessons, after school clubs and competing for the school teams. This can transfer to all sports and not just cricket. Also discuss which points may not be totally appropriate at their age to be following or be expected to put in to action.