Choosing the Correct Sized Cricket Bat
Activity Choosing the Correct Sized Cricket Bat
Curriculum Area Maths
NC Objectives Ma2 1b), 1c), 1d), 1e), 1f), 1i) 3a), 3b), 3f), 3h), 3i), 3j), 4a) & 4b) Ma3 1a), 4a).

Main learning objective

Choose and use correct measuring apparatus and measure with accuracy.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 10 minutes
  •  Introduce the lesson by explaining that they will be focusing on measurements.
  • Recap on the three types of measurement (Length, mass & capacity) and the units of measurement used for each type (Length = mm, cm, m, km, Mass = Kg, g, Capacity = ml, l).
  • Practice rounding measurements to the nearest centimetre and metre.
  • Look at the different ways of writing the same measurement, eg, 134cm, 1m34cm, 1.34m. Practice and discuss.


Main Activity 40 Minutes
  • Provide the class with the ‘Choosing the correct sized cricket bat’ worksheet in the Activity section to complete in pairs. They must move around the school, year group or class and measure the height and leg length of ten other children and themselves (teachers to decide what is best, but a greater height difference and selection of cricket bat will be apparent if using the whole school or year group).
  • Decide on a standard way to measure the leg length (maybe to the pelvic bone at the front of the waist).


Plenary 10 Minutes
  • Allow the class to report back about the different sized bats required for their team and how they found the measuring. Also compare the way each group recorded the measurements, eg, cm, m or cm & m.