Making your own Spirit of Cricket Wordsearch
Activity Making your own Spirit of Cricket Wordsearch
Curriculum Area English
NC Objectives English En1 1e), 2d), 3a) 8a) & 9a) and En2 3a), 3b), 3c) and En3 1b), 1c), 2), 4), 5a), 5b).

Main learning objective

To investigate the vocabulary associated with the spirit of cricket and create a wordsearch of these words.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 20 minutes
  • Ask the class anything they know about cricket. Any children that know quite a lot ask them to suggest any cricket vocabulary that the rest of the class may not understand, eg, googly, golden duck, etc.
  • Then discuss ‘’The spirit of cricket’ and discuss this as a very important part of the game. Use ‘The spirit of cricket information’ in the Supporting Material section of the module to aid discussion and demonstrate a famous example of the spirit of cricket in action.


Main Activity 30 Minutes
Plenary 10 Minutes
  • Allow the children to exchange their wordsearch sheets when complete to find the words for their partner’s spirit of cricket vocabulary wordsearch.