Conflict and Resolution
Activity Conflict and Resolution
Curriculum Area CPSHE
NC Objectives CPSHE: 2f), 2g), 4a) & 5d)

Main learning objective

CPSHE: 2f), 2g), 4a) & 5d)To understand how it is possible to act as a good citizen within a sporting context and understand how their actions have consequences.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 20 minutes
  • Discuss the game of cricket with the class and list any major rules and aims of the game. Explain how cricketers follow certain rules, which make a fair game and share the Support Material with the pupils and discuss.
  • Then read ‘ The preamble to the laws' in the Supporting Material section and explain how they are not official laws, but get the class to discuss why they are equally as important if not more important.


Main Activity 20 Minutes
  • Split the class in half and form two circles, one inside the other. The inner circle faces the outer circle so that the pupils are paired up.
  • Read out a cricket conflict, eg, the batsmen run in to each other and the fielder runs the batsman out, and the pairs must discuss what they would do to resolve the conflict. Read the conflicts aloud from Activity 1 of this module and then discuss the pupils’ answers (Cut the conflicts out from the sheet to form a pile to be used for the lesson.
  • Move on to discuss what etiquette is and how this is slightly different to rules. Provide some examples from Activity 2 and discuss what would happen if the points were not followed.


Plenary 20 Minutes
  • Use the Who wants to be a spirit of cricket centurion' quiz in Activity 3 and discuss the answers as a class.