The Magic Cricket Bat
Activity The Magic Cricket Bat
Curriculum Area English
NC Objectives English En1 1e), 2d), 8a) & 9a) and En2 4f), 4g), 4h), 4i) & 8c) and En3 1), 2), 3), 4), 5a), 9d), 11) & 12).

Main learning objective

To write the continuation of a story using characterisation and imagination in the style of the text read.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 20 minutes
  • Explain to the class that there are not many stories written about cricket for children, but there are several books of true stories for adults and biographies and autobiographies of famous cricketers.
  • Carry out shared reading of the activity of this module and discuss the character Stuart and how he changes after finding the bat. Being a fiction story for young children, what is likely to happen next? Will the result of the match be a foregone conclusion? Who will win? Who will be player of the match? Will there be a sudden turn of fortune?


Main Activity 30 Minutes

After discussing the beginning of the story that has been read, the pupils write their continuation of the story. Provide the pupils with some cricket vocabulary on the board to help by displaying the Supporting Material section of this module.

Plenary 10 Minutes
  • Move around the class and allow pupils to read aloud their continuations of the story.
  • The rest of the class can provide feedback in relation to the story line and development of the characters.


Interactive Resources

The following resource(s) are available as interactive activities within this module. Click on the links below to access them from the Activity section. Alternatively you can download them in non-interactive document form from the Downloads section.