Writing a Cricket Poem
Activity Writing a Cricket Poem
Curriculum Area English
NC Objectives English En1 1e), 2d), 8a) & 9a) and En2 4f), 4g), 4h), 4i) & 8c) and En3 1), 2), 3), 4), 5a), 9d), 11) & 12).

Main learning objective

To write poems based on the structure and style of poems read.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 10 minutes
  • Carry out shared reading of the poems in the Supporting Material section of this module as a class. Identify the rhyming patterns of ‘alternate line rhyme' and ‘rhyming couplets'.
  • Use the title ‘Facing Flintoff' and model writing the opening rhyming couplet of the poem. Use the lines “Here I stand waiting to bat” and “To the umpire he gives his hat” and “He strides back with ball in hand” and “My legs are jelly, I can hardly stand”. Open to ideas from the class and structure the poem accordingly with the run up, delivery, shot and consequences.


Main Activity 30 Minutes
  • Provide the class with the activity and read the two poems, ‘Whack!' and ‘Smash!' as a class.
  • Set the pupils the task of writing their own cricket poem based on any topic within cricket.
  • If poems are to be displayed or entered in to an intra school competition, use the 'Poetry Template' document available in the Downloads section.


Plenary 10 Minutes
  • Move around the class and allow pupils to read their poems aloud to the class.
  • The rest of the class listen and must spot the rhyming pattern used, if any.


Interactive Resources

The following resource(s) are available as interactive activities within this module. Click on the links below to access them from the Activity section. Alternatively you can download them in non-interactive document form from the Downloads section.

  • Cricket Poetry – An activity where you can write your own poem with a cricket theme.