Learning Cricket Vocabulary in Other Languages
Activity Learning Cricket Vocabulary in Other Languages
Curriculum Area Modern Foreign Languages
NC Objectives 1a, b, c, f, 2b, 3d, f.

Main learning objective

To learn new vocabulary about cricket in other languages.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 15 minutes
  • Introduce the lesson by explaining that they will look at the languages of other cricket playing nations and also learning cricket vocabulary in other languages.
  • Use ‘How to say thank you’ and ‘How to say hello’ to learn some new vocabulary. Pupils can also produce the word on to a piece of card, colour it in and display it around the classroom with all of the languages also.
  • Move on to look at sports played in other countries and in England. Begin by looking at sports that we all play, eg, Football and then focus on sports that are typical to different countries, eg, England and cricket, France and boules, etc.


Main Activity 10 Minutes
  • Using any of the flash cards from the Supporting Material section, show them to the class to learn some of the cricket vocabulary in Spanish, Italian or French or in another language if resources are available.
  • Change the order of the cards and get quicker.


Plenary 5 Minutes
  • End by asking the pupils to write down as many of the new words as possible and draw a picture next to each word to show that they understand. Do not worry about spelling in this part.
  • Move around the class and collate as many of the new words as possible.