Ways of Being Out
Activity Ways of Being Out
Curriculum Area Art
NC Objectives Art: 1b), 2a), 2b), 3a), 3b), 4a), 5a), 5b) & 5c).

Main learning objective

To understand all possible ways of being out in a game of cricket.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 10 minutes
  • Ask the class “What is the aim in a game of cricket?” and lead them to “To score the most runs”.
  • Ask the class “Do the batting side and the fielding side try to meet this aim at the same time?” Lead the answers to “The batting side try to score as many runs as possible” and “The bowling side try to take as many wickets as possible and prevent the batting side from scoring runs”.
  • Ask the class “How do the fielding side stop the batting side scoring runs?” and lead them to the answer “By getting the batsman out and the fielders stopping the batsman from running, through good fielding”.
  • Discuss all of the ways that a player can be out in a game of cricket, explaining that there are 10 possible ways. Try to list them all as a class before explaining the main task to be carried out.


Main Activity 40 Minutes

Provide the class with the Support Material of this module and the pupils must design and draw a symbol or picture to represent each of the ways of being out to aid the explanation.

Plenary 10 Minutes
  •  Provide the pupils with the ‘Howzat!' worksheet in the Activity section and they match the letters to the pictures to represent all of the possible ways of being out in a game of cricket. The class can compare the symbols and pictures they have designed to the ones from the answers in the activity.