Forces in Cricket
Activity Forces in Cricket
Curriculum Area Science
NC Objectives Sc1a, b, 2g, h, i, j, k, l, m, Sc4 2a, b.


Main learning objective

To understand the force of gravity, that forces are apparent and Newtons Laws. That when a spring is stretched or compressed upward, it exerts a downward force on whatever is compressing or stretching it. That forces act in particular directions.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 15 minutes
  • Discuss what a force is and ask what force is always present on Earth?
  • Discuss pushes and pulls and equal forces (every action has an equal and opposite reaction). Why does everything that goes up always come down? Relate this to springs and pushing a spring down and it returning to its original state.
  • Put forward the question. How does a cricket ball get hit by a bat and lead them to force acting upon the ball and explain the motion only occurs due to unbalance forces (Newton’s first law). Get two children to lean against each other with balanced forces (no motion). Then ask one to push harder to create unbalanced forces (motion).


Main Activity 30 Minutes
  •  Provide the class with springs if possible or just draw diagrams. Ask the pupils to push the spring down and ask them the directions and amounts of force acting. Also ask them to pull the springs and ask them the directions and amounts of force acting. Explain that the forces are equal and opposite and then draw diagrams with arrows showing the direction of forces for the push and pull with the spring (Newton’s third law).
  • Discuss a cricket game and hitting the ball. Get the class to draw diagrams of; a bowler releasing the ball and the direction of force and what happens when the force of releasing is greater (Newton’s second law). Also draw a ball being hit with arrows showing the direction of force and what happens when either force is greater.


Plenary 15 Minutes
  • Provide the class with elastic bands and pieces of paper. They can make folded paper strips to fire with the elastic bands. In a safe place release them and discuss differences for the distance fired.