Naming the Muscles of the Batsman
Activity Naming the Muscles of the Batsman
Curriculum Area Science
NC Objectives NC objectives: Sc 2a, c, d, g, h, i, j, m, Sc2 1a, b, & c.

Main learning objective

NC objectives: Sc 2a, c, d, g, h, i, j, m, Sc2 1a, b, & c.To understand the role of the muscles in our bodies and to be able to name the major muscles groups.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 15 minutes
  • Ask the class to stand up and then ask them why they are able to do this. Lead them to bones and muscles and the nervous system. Ask them to act as if they had no bones, muscles and nervous system. Discuss the importance of a strong skeletal, muscular and nervous system and reasons for this.
  • Discuss how muscles work in pairs, Eg, triceps and biceps together and that one contracts and one relaxes. Children can see this by lifting up a table with two hands and the other child feeling the biceps and triceps. Then do the opposite and push down on the table to see vice versa.


Main Activity 30 Minutes
Plenary 15 Minutes
  • Move around the class and make sure that all of the muscles have been labelled correctly.
  • Use the Activity answer sheet in the Downloads section if required.
  • Get the pupils to stand up and play ‘The batsman says’ in the same way as ‘Simon says’ by touching the muscles of the body. Begin with the teacher leading the game and then select pupils to lead the game.