Making and Playing Cricket Dice
Activity Making and Playing Cricket Dice
Curriculum Area Maths & CPSHE
NC Objectives DT: 2b), 2c), 2d), 3a), 4a), 5b) & 5c) Maths: Ma3 2b) & 2c) CPSHE: 3a)

Main learning objective

To visualise 3-D objects from 2-D drawings and to make nets of common solids.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 10 minutes
  • Discuss 3D shapes with the class and list the shapes they already know (Cylinder, cone, sphere, cube, cuboid, prisms, pyramids, etc). Discuss any known properties.
  • Use the presentation in the Supporting Material section if appropriate.
  • Ask the class how the 3D shapes could be made. Discuss what the net of a shape is and draw some examples on the board.


Main Activity 40 Minutes
  • Provide the pupils with the activity sheet, photocopied on to coloured card or on plain card to be coloured.
  • The pupils cut out the nets and form cubes to play the game, following the rules provided.


Plenary 10 Minutes

Gather the class back together and ask them to think of as many 3D shapes that they may find when playing cricket.

Interactive Resources

The following resource is available as an interactive exercise within this module. Click on the link below to access it from the Supporting Material section. Alternatively the exercise is also within the PowerPoint, which you can access below or alternatively from the Downloads section of this module.

  • Introduction to Shapes – An interactive PowerPoint presentation focusing on shapes.
  • Everyday 3D Shapes – A point and click exercise focusing on 3D shapes (this link takes you to the supporting material section of this module).