Scoring in a game of cricket
Activity Scoring in a game of cricket
Curriculum Area Maths & CPSHE
NC Objectives Maths: Ma2 1b), 1c), 1d), 1e), 3a), 3i), 4a) & 4b) CPSHE: 3a

Main learning objective

To understand how to score in a game of cricket and be able to add small numbers accurately.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 10 minutes
  • Discuss with the class how scores are kept in different sports and lead on to cricket and the fact that is the only sport that requires a scorer to have such a large and important role in the game.


Main Activity 40 Minutes
  • Provide the pupils with ‘6 a side scoresheet – Supporting Material'.
  • Ask the pupils how they think that the score is kept before telling them to turn over the page and look at ‘Activity 1 - Method of Scoring'.
  • Talk through the example overs and the symbols used to record the different actions.
  • Either use made up scenarios or play the game of cricket dice, so that the pupils can have a go at scoring using the sheets provided.


Plenary 10 Minutes
  • Look at the final scoresheets and use an example on the board to add the score up and ensure that the maths is correct after each individual over and the cumulative totals.
  • Show the class the ‘Activity 2 - Scoring in a Game of Cricket' and discuss how this sheet is used in a proper game of cricket and follows the same principles that they have put in to practice during the lesson.