Co-ordinates of the Cricket Field
Activity Co-ordinates of the Cricket Field – Guidelines
Curriculum Area Maths
NC Objectives Ma2: 4e) - Ma3: 3c)

Main learning objective

To be able to read co-ordinates correctly and know the fielding positions in cricket.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 15 minutes

Discuss the positions that the fielding team take in a game of cricket and that as with other sports the positions have a name. How do they know where to go? Use the Supporting Material in this module if required. Discuss how the cricket field could be split into a grid and the positions read as co-ordinates. Discuss co-ordinates for how they are used and written and explain the main task to be carried out.

Main Activity 30 Minutes
  • Provide the pupils with the module activity and they must record the correct co-ordinates for each of the numbered fielding positions.
  • Remind the children to "Go along the corridor and up the stairs" to ensure they use the co-ordinate from the 'x' axis first and then the 'y' axis second. Therefore, for this worksheet, the letter is written first.


Plenary 15 Minutes
  • Go through the answers for the activity, which can be found at the end of the downloadable activity document and the children check their own work to ensure they have used the correct co-ordinates.
  • Choose 11 pupils and assign one of them to be the captain. Create a small space or quickly move outside, and set the captain the challenge of organising their field in one minute! Change the pupils over so that all can have a go and also change the captains each time.