Mental Maths questions
Activity Mental Maths questions
Curriculum Area Maths
NC Objectives Ma1 1e, i, 2c, 3a, d, e, f & h

Main learning objective

To be able to work mentally to work out answers to questions from varying mathematical areas.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

The mental maths questions have been written to be used during the introductory session of a maths lesson. They can then be followed by a main activity using the same theme, focusing on cricket or not.

Introduction 15 minutes

Use the selected mental maths questions to ask the class at the beginning of the lesson prior to a main activity covering the same theme.

Interactive Resources

The following resource(s) are available as interactive activities within this module. Click on the links below to access them from the Activity section. Alternatively you can download them in non-interactive document form from the Downloads section.