Cricket shot angles
Activity Cricket shot angles
Curriculum Area Maths
NC Objectives Ma2 1c, Ma3 4b, c

Main learning objective

Understand what a right angle is, what an acute is and what an obtuse angle is and then use protractors to find the angles accurately.


Lesson plan and supporting resources

Introduction 10 minutes
  • Introduce the lesson by explaining that they will be focusing on angles by predicting angles and measuring angles accurately.
  • Show the class a right angle on the board and then ask the class to identify the same angle in the classroom.
  • Introduce the words OBTUSE (larger than a right angle) and ACUTE (smaller than a right angle) angles and explain the meanings. Draw angles on the board and identify correctly using the new vocabulary.
  • If access to PRIMARY GAMES VOLUME 2 is possible, use ‘Banana Hunt’ and play the game as a class, guessing the angles.
  • Explain the main task to be carried out by the pupils.


Main Activity 40 Minutes

Provide the class with the activity worksheet to complete. The pupils must use a protractor to measure the angles that the shots have been hit at. The arrows show the direction the batsmen are facing and therefore where 0 will be. Write the angles next to the lines.

Plenary 10 Minutes
  • Go through the answers to the angles as a class and sort out any problems.
  • Choose a selection of children to be blindfolded at the front of the class and the rest of the children must guide them around the room using angles to turn and the number of steps to move forward.